Trailer Part 1

The Project:

Rebuilt some parts of our camper trailer which was damaged by water over many years of slow leaks.

The Ceiling:

There was some cosmetic damage to the ceiling, and the wiring was all bad when we got the trailer. So I removed the centre part of the ceiling, re-wired, and replaced it with a sheet of luan plywood.

I used 18 gauge wire, and put up some black plastic just to hold the loose insulation while the plywood was going up.

I ran the wires to the back of the closet, where I installed a new fuse box and a master shut-off switch.

Despite my carefully drawn plans, I ended up mirrored, which meant that the good-one-side plywood had its one-good-side facing up.

This side has more character.

There was a lot of test fitting, which is awkward when the piece is the whole width of the trailer. Eventually, I wrestled it into place and tacked it up with a pneumatic stapler.

Here’s my attempt with the noisy compressor and stapler muted and sped up.

In the end, ugly side down and all, I’m pretty happy with how that turned out.

The Impracticality:

It would have been a lot more straightforward to use self-contained lights. Or running the wires along the corner of the ceiling/wall. It turned into a huge project, probably took me 4 or 5 days total.