Soap Dispenser Holder

There are thousands of wall mounted soap dispensers that are commercially available. This is not one of them.

I have a perfectly good disposable soap pump that has been refilled for years. But the nearby shelf is getting crowded, and water drips on the floor between the shelf and the sink when moving back and forth. So let’s fix it to the wall!

3D Printed in two parts, because the first couple of prototypes broke at the 90 degree join. This has a stout mortise and tenon secured with 2 m3 bolts coming in from the back into captive nuts in the shelf section.

Printable Files are here:

After installing this, Shelley requested something similar for her electric toothbrush, so I printed another wall mount with a different shelf part. I test-fit the shelf into the wall mount, and couldn’t get them apart again, so I didn’t bother with the m3 bolts this time. It will have less dynamic loading than the soap pump.