Home Micro-Rack

My desk was a mess.

Cables everywhere, and hard to keep things organized

so I decided to go vertical and try to sort things as best I could. I designed and built micro-rack v1. All of my homelab gear is pretty compact, so I built it around the width of my KVM switch, and the depth of my mini-pc.

It uses 5/16″ (8mm) threaded rods as verticals, 5/8″ (16mm) aluminum channel as horizontal pieces, nuts to space things, and 3D printed brackets.

I’ve left the top long, to see how much more stuff I want to fit in here.

Still to do is to print some spacers to keep the kvm and switch lined up with the front of the unit, and some feet to keep it from wandering around, but I’m pretty pleased with the execution.

Also need more m2 machine screws to pin the aluminum to the brackets. It’s pretty stable with friction fit, but not very resilient. [Edit, tried rivets, and they’re much better!]

Here it is with the rivets and the spacers, as well as a bit on the top to hold a Raspberry Pi. It’s evolved into a useful addition to the home lab.

The printable files for the corner pieces are here:

One has gussets to give lateral stability, the other is open to allow full width access.

The aluminum channel is this one, and I cut it with a hacksaw, drilled it out with normal woodworking drill bits.

This could be made to fit your gear, though I’d suggest diagonal bracing if you go over 30cm/12″ or so.