Tacoma Towing Mirrors

We love our little trailer, but towing has limited visibility with the stock mirrors. I decided to put bigger mirrors on. Had to remove the interior door liners in order to unbolt the stock mirrors and bolt on the replacements. Quick job, and big improvement in rear visibility. These are the mirrors I got: DNA… Continue reading Tacoma Towing Mirrors

Home Micro-Rack

My desk was a mess. Cables everywhere, and hard to keep things organized so I decided to go vertical and try to sort things as best I could. I designed and built micro-rack v1. All of my homelab gear is pretty compact, so I built it around the width of my KVM switch, and the… Continue reading Home Micro-Rack

Soap Dispenser Holder

There are thousands of wall mounted soap dispensers that are commercially available. This is not one of them. I have a perfectly good disposable soap pump that has been refilled for years. But the nearby shelf is getting crowded, and water drips on the floor between the shelf and the sink when moving back and… Continue reading Soap Dispenser Holder

Phone mount

There’s a gap under my aftermarket stereo in the Tacoma, a general-purpose pocket which I haven’t found really useful. What I didn’t have is a cell phone holder. I bought one that was designed to wedge into a CD player slot, thinking it would wedge into the pocket, and that worked for a while, but… Continue reading Phone mount

Trailer Part 2

The Project: Replaced the back wall of our trailer. It had a lot of rot in the wood members, so when I “gently brushed” the fence while backing in, it basically dissolved. I peeled up the tin sheeting, removed the rotted plywood and 1×2 structure, and replaced it with 3/4″ plywood. It’s a bit heavier,… Continue reading Trailer Part 2

Trailer Part 1

The Project: Rebuilt some parts of our camper trailer which was damaged by water over many years of slow leaks. The Ceiling: There was some cosmetic damage to the ceiling, and the wiring was all bad when we got the trailer. So I removed the centre part of the ceiling, re-wired, and replaced it with… Continue reading Trailer Part 1

Tacoma AC

The Project: Decided to try fixing my own AC on my 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Bought a vacuum pump and gauges online, and a filler valve/gauge from Partsource. Got my coolant from Canadian Tire. I watched the Chris Fix video here and followed his instructions. https://youtu.be/Pdq8JAlct6s I ran into a couple of stumbling blocks that he… Continue reading Tacoma AC