Phone mount

There’s a gap under my aftermarket stereo in the Tacoma, a general-purpose pocket which I haven’t found really useful. What I didn’t have is a cell phone holder. I bought one that was designed to wedge into a CD player slot, thinking it would wedge into the pocket, and that worked for a while, but… Continue reading Phone mount

Trailer Part 2

The Project: Replaced the back wall of our trailer. It had a lot of rot in the wood members, so when I “gently brushed” the fence while backing in, it basically dissolved. I peeled up the tin sheeting, removed the rotted plywood and 1×2 structure, and replaced it with 3/4″ plywood. It’s a bit heavier,… Continue reading Trailer Part 2

Trailer Part 1

The Project: Rebuilt some parts of our camper trailer which was damaged by water over many years of slow leaks. The Ceiling: There was some cosmetic damage to the ceiling, and the wiring was all bad when we got the trailer. So I removed the centre part of the ceiling, re-wired, and replaced it with… Continue reading Trailer Part 1

Tacoma AC

The Project: Decided to try fixing my own AC on my 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Bought a vacuum pump and gauges online, and a filler valve/gauge from Partsource. Got my coolant from Canadian Tire. I watched the Chris Fix video here and followed his instructions. I ran into a couple of stumbling blocks that he… Continue reading Tacoma AC